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A Wellness Program That Truly Makes Your Company Healthier

Customized Plans Unique to Your Business
Reduce Absenteeism
Improve Employee Engagement
Increase Productivity

Healthy, supported employees are productive, engaged employees.

What is DPC Anchor

Do you struggle to keep your workforce healthy? Are you frustrated that you can’t find an effective way to support your employees?

We understand the challenge you face when your employees miss work.

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Don't You Deserve Healthy Employees?

We’ve built our business helping one patient at a time take control of their health.
Let us those same tools to improve the health of your workforce.

Can Corporate Wellness Really Work?

Keri Opheim, DPC Patient

My family of 6 and I have been with DPC for almost 2 years. Dr. Bridges, Josh and the rest of the team have been an extremely important part of our lives. They are available for same day appts and the added benefit of nights and weekends. We couldn't afford insurance so without this service my family would surely be in financial ruin. Thank you for providing this invaluable service to my family and my community.

Austin Hobza. HR Paradise Dental Technologies

Direct Primary Care has kept my employees out of the emergency room, provided them an affordable alternative to expensive primary care and urgent care visits and eliminated the "I can't afford to see my doctor" reason for missing work.  It's been a life-changer and we love it!

Can Corporate Wellness Really Work?

Live Health Seminars

Live Health Seminars

Monthly Wellness Challenges

Custom email support provided


See company-wide participation results

Every employee gets access to a custom learning management system.

5-Week Online Nutrition Course
Bio-metric Screening & Health Assessments

Let your employees track their progress

Help your employees learn new, healthy habits.

90-Day Lifestyle Workbooks
Casual Business Meeting

Help your employees learn new, healthy habits.

Schedule an Appointment
Receive a Custom Wellness Program, Unique to Each Employee
Enjoy an Engaged Workforce

Stop Stressing About Employees Missing Work.
Support Them With An Engaging Wellness Program

Nobody likes it when people miss work due to illness or not feeling well. Not that employee and not their employer. And it’s not just missing time at work that has a cost. When employees don’t feel well or feel supported, their work and their attitude suffers.

Healthy people are happier people > Happier people are more engaged > Engaged employees are more productive.


A strong and supported wellness program can make a big difference in an employee’s life and in your company’s bottom line.


You shouldn’t be worried about the cost of a program. You should be worried about what it costs to not have one in place.

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