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  • Advantage Plans (MAPD)


Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) are administered by independent insurance companies and are available in select counties. Plans are either Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Medical Savings Accounts (MSA), or Private Fee for Service (PFFS). Advantage plans cover Part A and B services and typically include Part D benefits. Cost-sharing, Rx formularies, annual limits on out-of-pocket costs, and participating providers vary plan-to-plan. Additionally, Medicare Advantage Plans may offer extra coverage for vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs.

  • Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)


Stand-alone Prescription Drug plans (Part D) can be added to either Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans to help cover the costs of your prescription drugs.

NOTE: If you choose not to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan when first eligible, and are not covered under a group employer plan with creditable prescription drug coverage (e.g., group employer plan, VA coverage), you may pay a penalty. The penalty is 1% of the national average premium cost for a Part D drug plan times the number of months of deferred enrollment. This amount may be applied to your monthly premium and follow you throughout your life.

  • Supplement Plans (Medigap)


Medicare Supplement plans pay after Medicare A and B. There are a variety of Supplement plans to choose from with choices on deductibles, premium amounts, co-pays, and formulary lists. Look at the pricing and customer service offered when selecting a Supplement plan. We recommend you also elect a stand-alone Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug) plan.

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Turning 65?

Standardized Medicare Supplement Benefit Plans At-A-Glance:
from the State of Montana Medicare Supplement Insurance
2022-2023 Rate Comparison Guide


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